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Teachers making CURIOUS kids

17 November 2014

Great to see the fab work Circus Oz is doing with Primary School kids. Last week their show "Curiosity"  was on in their own Spiegeltent. Schools could also do circus workshops. Many did. Students ranged from Prep kids from St Joseph's Mernda, who were on their very first excursion to Yr 5 & 6 kids from Burwood Heights Primary who had to apply to their school to attend and raise the cost of the excursion themselves. 

One small country school brought everyone - here's how they found it.

'We brought 22 students from Prep to Yr 6, so ages 5 - 13. Circus Oz really tailored the workshops so they suited everyone...The show was fantastic, really engaged the kids '' James Sait, Redesdale Mia Mia Primary

Another teacher said:

"The workshops were so inspiring, every child was engaged the whole time, not purely in a physical sense, but in a mental sense as well. They were able to use both sides of their brain at the same time and really challenge their thinking. ..The show was amazing. Highly recommend it. For kids who are 5 or 6 to 86. Go see it. Love it" Simone Kowalski, St Thomas the Apostle

Circus Oz will be offering another show/workshop package next year. Contact us if you'd like to hear about it in advance.

Image: St Joseph's Mernda, Prep students with teacher, Rebecca, getting into the rhythm at Circus Oz' workshops last week.

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Thanks to Gough Whitlam

21 October 2014

Gough Whitlam changed Australian society. As a baby boomer, I remember how amazed we all felt when Labour, who at that time, seemed incredibly progressive, were actually elected in 1972. This, after years of going to depressing election night parties where the Liberals were returned, yet again.

The impact on people my age then, was immediate. Australians were withdrawn from the Vietnam war and there was no conscription. That meant the many young men who refused to register for the draft were no longer criminals hunted by the Federal Police. At Monash University, where I was a student, it meant the barricades preventing the Federal Police arresting our fellow student draft resisters could come down and the young men leave the Union Building. The Arts too came onto the federal political agenda. Vale Gough Whitlam, we were proud to have you as our Prime Minister. K.Keegan (ed). Read a tribute from Michelle Grattan in The Conversation

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Countering Invisible Bullying

15 September 2014

One difficulty teachers face in countering bullying is that it can happen where they can't see it. In this article,Barbara Spears, Director: Wellbeing Research Group, Centre for Research in Education School of Education at University of South Australia, argues the importance of schools creating an environment where students can report bullying confident it will be dealt with and not rebound on them, where teachers model behaviour and are alert to social dynamics of their class. 

Read the whole article here

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Australia Council launched new Strategic Plan - but what's the Govt Cultural Policy?

1 September 2014

Difficult to judge how the new Australia Council reforms - both in streamlining funding and developing a new Strategic Plan will function when the current government doesn't actually have a cultural policy. Time they developed one!

Read article by Professor Julian Meyrick in The Conversation

Image: Hon George Brandis, Minister for the Arts

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The Yard Changing Lives

14 August 2014

Shaun Parker's THE YARD is astonishing. As a work of art, it is superb. Referencing "Lord of the Flies", THE YARD is a series of playground vignettes, told through movement. The cast are all school students from Western Sydney. It's their stories. The level of performance is very high. An innovation by the Catholic Education Office in Parramatta, this project is an example of possibility. More to come. Meanwhile if you're in Melbourne, it's on until Saturday. Details

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Teaching the ARTS in Primary - WA

10 August 2014

ArtsEdge is running a FREE  two-day PL, ‘Engaging in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teaching and learning strategies: A practical approach to the Arts’

 On Monday 25 & Tues 26 August for pre-service primary education students, Department of Education (DoE) Primary School teachers and professional artists.

ArtsEdge invites DoE teachers and pre-service teachers to work alongside artists to develop easy-to-use approaches to ATSI teaching and learning through dance, drama, media arts, music and visual arts.

Sounds great. Interested? Go to and book in.

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Fact: 9 in 10 Australians think The Arts are an important part of Education

7 August 2014

From artfacts on Australia Council of the Arts website. 

Well congrats to all the teachers, as well as to relatives, who have fostered a love of the arts in most of us.

So how to teach the arts??
Interesting comment on this from Michael Rosen, former British Children's Laureate, arguing HOW we teach the arts is as important as teaching them. Read the article 

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15 July 2014

Of the 145 Indigenous languages still spoken in Australia, 110 are critically endangered. 

Congrats to Carclew on their Tjitjiku Inma project to help preserve indigenous language in remote SA. With 11 Pitjantjatjara communities and in excess of 500 Indigenous school students, they've produced a book, cd and dvd of stories for children in indigenous language. Read more here

Why preserve a language? The UN gives a perspective 

Biological, linguistic and cultural diversity are inseparable and mutually reinforcing, so when an indigenous language is lost, so too is traditional knowledge on how to maintain the world’s biological diversity and address climate change and other environmental challenges. Read more 

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Teachers need inspiration, too. Go to Henry V!

22 June 2014

We often quote research here both because we find it interesting and to support teachers who need to justify organising arts events for their students. After just reading this review of Bell Shakespeare's Henry V, it reminds me that it's important for us to get inspiration, too. Go see it whether you teach senior english or history or not. The setting is a refuge for schoolchildren during the London Blitz and ...

"connects the children of 1415 with those of the 1940s, as well as the children of 2014 in Iraq, Syria, and South Sudan.This kind of connection is exactly what we should be doing with Shakespeare." Read the review. Check your nearest venue

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How will the arts sector respond to the budget?

3 June 2014

We usually publish stories about how the arts advantage society, in particular, school children. This time we're advocating for independent artists.Without them, the whole society will be worse off. This article by David Pledger argues that the major arts organisations, who will have continued support, have to step up and support the whole sector, especially given the fact independent Australian artists are the lowest paid members of the Australian workforce. Quite controversial reading. Enjoy. Go here

Image: Bell Shakespeare's Macbeth. Bell Shakespeare is one of the well funded major arts organisations.

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25 May 2014

Rita Pierson, a teacher for 40 years, once heard a colleague say, "They don't pay me to like the kids." Her response: "Kids don't learn from people they don’t like.’” A rousing call to educators to believe in their students and actually connect with them on a real, human, personal level. Watch her TED TALK

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Schools Creating Adult Audiences

15 April 2014

Very interesting research by Ticketmaster UK into theatre going habits! The most likely group to attend a theatre performance are 16 -19 year olds! Wow. Teachers and venues have been working on this for years. Looks like it's paid off! Now we need a survey here. Read more

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