Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Shows For Schools?

It’s a website that connects the arts and education sectors. At it’s most basic it’s a national, online, free, searchable database of events aimed at the schools market.

How does it help teachers?

It is designed to be a great resource for teachers – to give equal access to all teachers, no matter what they teach or where they are, to what’s available. Additionally, the information is accessible for everyone to see – parents and students as well. It makes events easier to find, saves time because all the events are on the one site and brings the booking process into this century. For teachers, it also offers professional learning information, access to arts research.

How does it help the arts sector?

For arts companies, producers and presenters, Shows For Schools website is a sustainable alternative to paper marketing. It gives access to all schools, wherever the event is happening. It gives equal access to smaller companies as well as those with large marketing budgets. It promotes the breadth of what’s available from the sector to schools in the hope that better access will generate more audiences and therefore more work for artists.

Are there amateur events on the website?

No. Currently only professional events are listed. There are plans to give youth theatre companies and schools companies access to the site in the next phase of development.

What age are events targeted at?

Each show listing page indicates the year level range appropriate for the event. They range from events for young children only to events for senior secondary students and all levels in between. So, kindergarten, primary and secondary students are the main focus, but some events are also appropriate for tertiary students.

What subjects to the events relate to?

They range across The Arts – dance, music, drama, film, multimedia, visual arts. They also include performances appropriate to other subject areas including English, History, Mathematics, Science, Geography, Languages, Civics and Citizenship, Design and Technology. The subject searches are based on the Australian Curriculum areas.

What type of events are there?

Many are performances, both in schools (incursions) and in outside venues (excursions) as well as workshops, exhibitions, tours, residencies, lectures and demonstrations.

Why should teachers subscribe?

Subscribers get access to the latest news, but we send only a maximum of two newsletters per term.  Teacher subscribers also have access to free tickets from presenters on our site both to the events on the site and to others that might be of interest to teachers personally.

Can individuals make bookings?

The site is designed for group bookings but does not prevent individual bookings.

What happens when I make a booking through the website?

The booking or enquiry is sent directly to the booking team who will contact you by email or phone promptly. More companies are also using our customised box office solution, where teachers can make a booking in a similar way to general public bookings. The booking is made on line and instantly. A tax invoice is generated. Innovatively, the system allows you to change the number of seats booked and each time this is done a new invoice is generated. The system also reminds teachers to confirm final numbers. We are thrilled to offer this service.

How do I use the box office to directly book my seats?

Press the green BOOK ONLINE NOW button on the show page. This will take you to the box office. Go to the top right and press LOG IN. This will allow you either register or log in. Then choose your event and order your tickets. the system will let you book a number of free seats, depending on the number of paid seats you've booked.

If I book using the box office, do i have to pay straight away?

No. Most shows require payment 6 weeks before the event. You will have to pay then.

Why do I need to create an account in the box office? 

This allows you to log in and CHANGE the number of seats you've booked - providing they're available! This is a fantastic innovation that we're very proud of. Once you have an account with us, you can use it to book any show being sold through our box office.

What if i lose my password?

No drama! Just go through to the box office from the show you're interested in, click log in and then, under the log in box, click lost/forgotten password. The system will email your password to you.

If I make a booking am I obligated to go ahead with it?

 No. A booking is only confirmed once payment is received. Every organization on the website will contact you to try to deliver the event you have booked and inform you of their payment and cancellation policies. Please only send bookings/enquiries to shows you're seriously interested in. 

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