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Establish your presence on SFS - Set up your presenter profile page.

For Venues
This brilliant feature allows you to profile your venue and present your shows as a whole offer. It’s easy to do and great for your business - and you can keep updating it, making announcements etc while it's live! 

  1. Includes images of your venue
  2. An About section where you can say who you are and what your vision is
  3. A list of all your shows on SFS automatically displays with a link to the individual show pages (and auto delete once the show is finished)
  4. On your show pages there is a reciprocal link to your profile
  5. You can answer all the questions teachers want to know before booking.
  6. They can see images of your venue both inside and out and feel reassured about going to it.
  7. There is a google map to show teachers exactly where it is and how to get there
  8. Your contact information

See a venue profile example - Monkey Baa Theatre

For Companies

 The profile allows teachers to get a whole picture of your company, not only the productions on the SFS website but others you have done, what your imprimateur is and what you're planning next.

See a company profile example - Garry Ginivan Attractions

Now until 31 Dec 2017 -  $195 plus gst


  1. Create your profile filling in the upload form. You can view how it will display, as you go
  2. When you're finished press the submit button ( you can still edit after submission )
  3. The system will ask you to choose the period of time you want it displayed
  4. An invoice will be generated.
  5. Once that's paid, your profile will be made live!


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