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"Ideas reinforced brilliantly, completely in keeping with best teaching practice and brain theory. Absolutely engaging from R-7 – a challenge to achieve! .... The show provided staff with a common language we could all use and understand. VERY POWERFUL"
Newberry Park PS, Millicent, SA.

"Excellent... They are already using the strategies at morning tea today...Very impressed with the quality in every aspect of this performance!... Both very entertaining and educational."
St Anthony's PS, North Rockhampton, QLD

The characters all perform their own song & dance numbers to help Bellamy understand different approaches to resolving the issues of bullying, incorporating the ideas of programs such as “You Can Do It” & “Better Buddies” just to name a few. The performance focuses on strategies to manage both online and face to face bullying.

We also discuss Emotional Intelligence as Bellamy tries to understand and manage her emotional responses to bullying.

The booking includes a teacher resource pack and a targeted question and answer session with the performers. Ideal for schools focussing on bullying into the future.

Bellamy the young Bison Bull loves er enclosure at the zoo, but not the other Bison Bulls who bully her. Being the focus of the “Bully Bull-Ring” is tough for a young Bison when none of the adult herd seem to notice. Now name calling, being left out & getting roughed up have become part of everyday life. How much can one Bison bear??

Join Bellamy as she escapes her enclosure & travels the zoo learning the animal kingdom’s solutions to bullying. Will she learn to “Rise Above It” like a giraffe, or not "make snap decisions" like the crocodile or find a “Better Buddy” like the polar bear? Which way works best?

All of our shows are fully staged musicals lasting one hour (including Q&A). The music was written by Tim Smith (The Lion King) & Luke Hunter (Billy Elliot, Jersey Boys)

Meerkat Productions encourage audience participation and active engagement in all of our performances and we use puppetry to fully engage the students and to broaden the possibilities of the way we stage our shows.

Our post-performance Q&A is structured and focused on the themes raised in the show and a behind the scenes insight into how our set, props, puppets, etc. work and how they were made.

We also provide a teachers resource pack to support our incursion both before and after we've been.

We provide all of the staging and sound requirements, all we need from you is a performance space 8m by 5m, plus enough room for the students to sit and watch the show.

To make a booking or enquiry, simply press the GREEN Enquiry/Booking Request Button above right to directly contact the booking team who will answer you promptly. Shows for Schools not only gathers all the great available shows, it also makes booking easier!

More Reviews

"Fantastic performance as always… you have handled the bullying situation very professionally… The results have been very positive…. Superb singing, clever acting - a truly wonderful theatrical performance for our children to see... spectacular"
St Peter Apostle, Hoppers Crossing, VIC

"Good lessons that apply to (students) everyday activities"
Beaumaris Primary School, VIC

"A great way to connect Program Achieve to bullying"
Larmenier Catholic Primary School, TAS

"A strong message which was clearly understood"
Birchip School, VIC

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Year Level Suitability

Prep-2 to 3-6

Curriculum area

The Arts - Drama, The Arts - Music, Civics And Citizenship


Bullying, Problem Solving, Fitting In, Self Image, Resilience, Emotional Intelligence


Comedy, Dance, Drama, Music Theatre, Physical Theatre, Puppetry


60 minutes including question & answer time.


$7.95 +GST per student (minimum show fee $795 +GST)

School Term:
Term 1


Available Term 1 only. 60 minutes including question & answer time. Minimum show fee of $795 (+GST). 45 minute set up, 45 minute pack up. Tours throughout VIC, NSW, QLD, SA & ACT.
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