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Mindful Monkey was a fantastic incursion which was highly engaging and fun. The language, strategies and characters were highly relatable for students. Students will definitely be capable of using these mindfulness strategies continually.
Sarah Moon, Foundation Team Leader, Carlton Gardens Primary School VIC

Mindful Monkey is a fabulous way for kids to start to understand their emotions and to practise mindfulness!
Grade One teachers, Murrumbeena Primary School, VIC

Are you a teacher of Prep to Grade Two? Would you like to introduce mindfulness into your classroom but you're not sure where to start? Or have you already tried but found that your students weren't really interested?

Don't worry - by the end of the workshop the Mindful Monkey will have your students jumping up and down at the idea of being mindful! Equipped with our lesson plans, Mindful Monkey Brain Breaks and your students' new-found enthusiasm, you'll soon be creating your very own mindful classroom.

Mindful Monkey Education's workshops have been created specifically for Prep to Grade Two students and use the most effective and age-appropriate teaching strategies:

Puppetry: proven to increase student engagement, effectively teach abstract concepts and remove barriers between performer and students
Storytelling: Increases engagement, is funny and memorable and directly speaks to students' experiences
Interactive mindfulness exercises: Engages kinaesthetic learners and gives students authentic hands-on experiences
Revision of concepts and strategies: Students repeat puppet theme songs, create sock puppets to communicate and recall their learning and teachers are given a Teacher Resource Pack of follow-up lessons, puppet display posters and Mindful Brain Breaks

*All shows are run by the show's creator - the Mindful Monkey herself...*
A fully-qualified primary teacher with seven years experience, a strong personal mindfulness practice, Mindful Educator Training (Mindful Schools) and a love of performance and puppetry!

Why Mindfulness?
1. It increases the SIZE and functionality of the pre-frontal cortex. This means an increase in students' empathy, self-awareness, ability to regulate emotions and self-soothe when in distress. Imagine that in your classroom!
2. It calms students' fight or flight response. This means calmer students who are able to focus on learning and a more harmonious learning environment.
3. It increases students' access to memory. This means students have access to the hippocampus and are able to retain and remember new learning - this is almost impossible when students are anxious, confused, angry or hyperactive.

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This is such an important and helpful program for young children. We will be using the resources and strategies in our class from now on.
Laura Walsh, CGPS Foundation Teacher, VIC

A fun, entertaining and informative workshop where complex concepts are made accessible and engaging. Children aged between 4-8 will love Mindful Monkey!                                                                   
Anneke Van de Vusse, Lifegarten Mindful Monkey workshop participant, VIC

Show Details



Year Level Suitability


Curriculum area

The Arts - Dance, Health And Physical Education


Mindfulness, Self-regulation, Focus, Puppets, Entertainment, Social/Emotional


Comedy, Live Music, Puppetry, Workshop


90 minutes


$12 per student - includes all materials for students to make their own Mindful Monkeys and a Mindful Monkey teacher resource pack 25-30 students per session

School Term:
Term 1, Term 2, Term 3, Term 4


Melbourne Metro.
More than 25km will incur additional travel costs.

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