AWESOME Arts - Dreams and Machines

AWESOME Arts Australia

An Event in AWESOME 2018.

This excursion includes:
  • Ruby's Wish Performance at the State Theatre Centre
  • Cause and Effect Artist Workshop
  • Festival Tour of exhibitions, installations, and activities
  • Curriculum Linked Educators Resource Kit including Pre-Activities, Post Activities, and Suggested Assessments
  • Risk Management plan and excursion documentation
With exquisite puppetry, in a tale forged of fantasy and reality, Ruby's Wish is a pocket-sized bundle of charm for all ages. As we watch the two misfits - ailing child and awkward clown - create their fantasy world of mop monsters, bed caves and imaginary paper friends, we are drawn into Ruby's bittersweet life - and come to see that imagination can make almost anything come true.

Students will also participate in Jens Altheimer's workshop, Cause and Effect. Part evolving machine, part performance, children will be invited to tackle creative problem-solving with a tinkering twist.

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Show Details



Year Level Suitability

Prep-2 to 7-9

Curriculum area

The Arts - Drama, The Arts - Media Arts, The Arts - Visual Arts, English, Mathematics, Science , Ict, Design & Technology.


Hospital, Illness, Imagination, Wishes, Dreams, Puppetry, Rube Goldberg Machine, Machine Making, Reactions, Tinkering, Hand Made


Comedy, Drama, Exhibition, Puppetry, Visual Arts, Workshop


Excursions last 10AM-2PM. Flexibility to suit your school and students.


$27.50 (inc GST), 1 teacher free per 8 students


Perth Cultural Centre (Northbridge, WA)

School Term:
Term 4


9 October - 12 October 2018
10AM - 2PM

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