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Arts Centre Melbourne and Australian Music Vault

In Creating a Bill Poster, participants will be taken through the history and basics of bill posters and visual communication via images from Arts Centre Melbourne’s Performing Arts Collection. Students then create their own posters using Adobe Photoshop for a specific event relevant to your school and community.

If you are interested in creating Bill Posters with a contemporary music focus, opt for the Australian Music Vault Poster Design workshop. Using contemporary Australian examples to guide their creativity, students will create their own posters for a real or imagined music event using Photoshop. The Australian Music Vault is a new exhibition at Arts Centre Melbourne that will celebrate the past, present and future of Australian contemporary music. Delving into the extensive Australian Performing Arts Collection, objects will be on display for schools and the general public that will inspire and engage, telling the stories of the Australian music industry and its fans.

Choosing a workshop
Use the table on this webpage to help decide which of the two workshop choices is right for your students. Please get in touch with us if you would like to tailor the workshop to suit your curriculum planning.

Before the workshop
Before attending this workshop, choose a school event you would like your students to advertise.
This workshop works particularly well if advertising a real life event. Some events students have made advertisements for include:
  • Production, Musical or Eisteddfod
  • Fete or Market
  • Arts Exhibition
Additionally, for the Australian Music Vault Poster Design Workshop
  • Students are encouraged to explore the Australian Music Vault before coming to this workshop. You can download a teacher's guide to the Vault here.
  • We encourage you to visit the Australian Music Vault with your students either before or after a workshop. Approximately one hour is needed to view the whole exhibition. Visitor information can be found here.

Students can use the Bill Poster Pro-Forma template found here to get started - it outlines the details that need to be included.

During the workshop
  • Learn about the evolution of the Bill Poster through images from Arts Centre Melbourne’s Performing Arts Collection (1.5 and 3 hour version) / Learn about the history of band posters through images from the Australian Music Vault (AMV Experience workshop)
  • Learn basic editing in Photoshop
  • Learn basic design principles
  • Learn about typography, visual balance, filters and effects

After the workshop
Student work will be made available for download after the workshop via a link emailed to the teacher making the booking.

Suitable for Years 5 - 12

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Show Details



Year Level Suitability

3-6 to 10-12

Curriculum area

The Arts - Media Arts, The Arts - Music, The Arts - Visual Arts


Advertising, Design, Performing Arts, Communication, Visual


Exhibition, Workshop


AMV Poster Design: 2 hours Primary Bill Poster Design: 1.5 hours Secondary Bill Poster Design: 1.5 hours or 3.5 hours, including half hour lunch break


AMV Poster Design - $22.00 Per Student. Bill Poster Design - $18.00 Per student (1.5 hour). Bill Poster Design - $24.00 Per student (3.5 hour) Minimum charge is for 15 students


The Channel, Arts Centre Melbourne (Melbourne, VIC)

School Term:
Term 1, Term 2, Term 3, Term 4


On demand (subject to availability)
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