Black Diggers & The Longest Memory (2019)

Complete Works Theatre Company


It helped to very clearly define both the similarities and differences between the two books, making it easier for us to analyse and compare the two texts. The Q and A also helped to further enhance our understanding of the various themes.
Student, Mentone Grammar

VCE English/EAL
Unit 4: Reading & comparing texts
Pair 7: Black Diggers by Tom Wright and The Longest Memory by Fred D'Aguiar

Scenes and extracts from Black Diggers and The Longest Memory are woven into a performance that enables students to enrich their understanding of the ideas, issues and themes of both texts.

Both texts present multiple perspectives on racial inequality and present the view that discrimination limits the ability of individuals to achieve in all areas of life. In addition to this theme we compare and contrast how the trauma of loss, pain and death effect the individual and groups, how authority and power influence loyalty and obedience, and how memory and ageing is opposed by the idealism of youth.

This program has been developed using the paired texts, Black Diggers by Tom Wright and The Longest Memory by Fred D'Aguiar, in consultation with Complete Works' Teacher Advisory Group.

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The Arts - Drama, English


Race, Discrimination, Trauma, Power & Authority, Memory, Age, Authorial Context, Reading And Comparing Texts, English, VCE




75 minutes, plus Q&A. 90 minutes recommended.


$17.50 per student. Minimum performance fee $2100.00, based on 120 students or less

School Term:
Term 3


Metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria on request

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SEASON: Monday 12 August - Friday 23 August

REQUIREMENTS: Flat playing space, minimum 6x6 metres

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