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The actors were fantastic! They engaged all of our students for the full hour and were wonderful at answering their questions afterwards.
Teacher, Geelong Grammar Timbertop

We hoped that the performance would help the students better understand the plot, and by all accounts this was achieved. By watching a live performance it was also our hope that the students would appreciate the language of the play: identify the various
Teacher, Wesley College

An ongoing feud between the Capulets and the Montagues erupts in violence on the streets of Verona. Both sides are warned that they must not disturb the peace again, ‘on pain of death’. Despite all odds, Romeo and Juliet fall in love. In this world of high passion where enemies are murdered and families are betrayed, the young lovers rail against the older generation and the prejudice of their society. This star crossed love affair can only end in tragedy.

This show is available live and online.

What can you expect?
• High-quality, professional performance either live in school, or streamed online.
• Post show discussion and analysis with the actors.
• Comprehensive Teacher's Notes accompany the show.
• For virtual performance, easy access to the recordings is granted for a full term of your choice so you can view the performance to suit your classroom. The virtual platform allows you to pause, discuss and rewatch as required.

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More Reviews

We absolutely loved have Complete Works out last week. The actors were fantastic, holding the students attention and facilitating an excellent discussion at the end. Because students had only been studying the play for several weeks, the production helped
Teacher, Eltham College

The girls LOVED the performance. They commented about how much better they understood the play and there was definitely an upswell of enthusiasm in English classes. 
Teacher, Lauriston Girls' School

The students loved 'Romeo and Juliet' - the actors really engaged them. They're still talking about it a week and a half later.
Teacher, South Oakleigh Secondary College

Show Details



Year Level Suitability

7-9 to 10-12

Curriculum area

The Arts - Drama, English


Love, Hate, Prejudice, Fate, Circumstance And Fortune, Generational Conflict, English, Literature, Shakespeare, Classics




60 minutes, plus Q&A


Live: $12.50 per student. Minimum performance fee $1,250 based on 100 students or fewer. Online: $10 per student, no minimum fee.

School Term:
Term 1, Term 2, Term 3, Term 4


Live incursions: Victoria only
Online incursions: Australia-wide

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