The Ides Of March

Elwood Social Club Productions


The piece plays with convention, finding humour in the nature of theatre, including an unexpected nod to audience participation. It’s clear early on that this is a well-polished performance that plays with expectation and knows exactly how to use it.
Liam McNally, Tulpa Magazine

The production is full of absurdist humour paired with convenient plot points and fortuitous happenings, all in the tradition of a classic Shakespearean comedy.
Guy Henderson, Everything Adelaide

When William Shakespeare travels back in time to ancient Rome to research his
newest play, he unwittingly finds myself a prime suspect in the murder of Julius Caesar.
He, along with his faithful sidekick Cardenio, is forced to use all his tact and cunning to
evade the villainous senator Brutus, leader of the conspirators and the man who plotted
Caesar’s downfall. Brutus is desperate to throw the dirty foreigners to the lions for two
reasons: firstly, to win back the trust of the Roman people, distraught at the ultimately
death of their beloved leader; and secondly to satisfy the incisive ponderings of the
trench-coat-clad Inspector Detectivus from the Roman Politizia, who’s close to cracking
the case of the century.

The Ides Of March is a fast, furious roller-coaster ride through space and time in the style of West End smash hit comedy The 39 Steps, with four actors using a myriad of props and costumes to bring this alternate version of history’s greatest assassination to life. With the world’s most famous playwright being chased through the cobble-stoned streets of ancient Rome by a film noir detective you can rest assured that this is no boring history lesson! The bursting with theatrical trickery, literary references, and the occasional Dr Who joke. Would probably best suit Drama and Creative Writing students. Time travel. Treachery. Togas!

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Low-level violence (an interactive scene where the audience is invited to "stab" Julius Caesar with a series of cheap plastic retractable daggers) Occasional use of strobe lighting

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There’s good use of lighting, sound and simple props: the jail cell is inspired; and the writing is self-aware and sharp: what could have been a one-liner about a knife is an integral driver of the plot.
Mark Wickett, Stage Whispers

One of the most drawn out and hysterical takes on Caesar’s death I can imagine.
Oliver Ross, Shakespeare Oz

Those who like their theatre fast, frantic and funny will love this.
Kimberley Shaw, Stage Whispers

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Year Level Suitability


Curriculum area

The Arts - Drama, English


Shakespeare, Non-naturalism, Time Travel, Comedy, The 39 Steps, Noir, Ancient Rome, Julius Caesar,


Comedy, Drama


55 Minutes


$18 per student, 1 to 15 teachers to student


Bakehouse Theatre (Adelaide, SA)

School Term:
Term 1


March 9-14, 2020. 7:30pm

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