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"An excellent and engaging live theatre performance teaching students the importance of STEM-related subjects (and how to apply them in the real world)"
The Jannali High School

"Made STEM accessible to all students, even those who don't 'love science'"
Groves Christian College

Celebrate the National Science Week Schools 2021 Theme: FOOD: DIFFERENT BY DESIGN with TIME FOR TECH

STEM is the future for food. It’s never been more important to be knowledgeable on what makes food technology tick, from sustainable agriculture, to innovation, to biosecurity.

Time for Tech explores how the more we know about food science and technology, the more we can solve problems in everyday life. Celebrating the National Science Week 2021 School Theme: Food: Different by Design, students will learn all about sustainable agriculture and laboratory-developed foods as well as its (sometimes unintended) consequences, and so be better informed about STEM, career pathways and how we can all do our bit to support the planet.

And how are we going to do that?
With comedy of course!

The show consists of four interactive science sketches that centre on different aspects of food technology. Students in grades 5-9 will learn about sustainable agriculture, the link between food technology and innovation, how technology helps design creative food solutions, and biosecurity in a COVID impacted world. Throughout, audience members and student volunteers are encouraged to offer suggestions that the actors will incorporate into the action. The result is that students have input into the show while watching it!

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Science, Technologies (Design & Technologies), HASS (Geography), The Arts (Drama)

Critical And Creative Thinking, Ethical Understanding, Personal & Social Capability, ICT Capability, Literacy


Sustainable Agriculture, Biosecurity, Food Technology And Innovation, Laboratory Developed Foods, Waste Management, Food Security.

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“The humour was engaging for students … It was relevant as it made connections to formats students were familiar with … the background information was particularly detailed and informative.”
Ardross Primary School

“A great show - full of energy and laughs. The students really seemed to enjoy the opportunity to have some fun with science”
Mt Scopus Memorial College

“This type of program is exactly the image Science needs across the nation!”
Melbourne Grammar School

“Great combination of factual information presented in a fun/musical way … perfectly pitched.”
Overnewton College

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Year Level Suitability

3-6 to 7-9

Curriculum area

The Arts - Drama, The Arts - Music, English, Mathematics, Science , Health And Physical Education , Ict, Design & Technology.


Sustainable Agriculture, Biosecurity, Food Technology And Innovation, Laboratory Developed Foods, Waste Management, Food Security.


Comedy, Drama, Live Music


45 minutes including discussion time


Price $6.00 (+GST) per student Min. fee $900 (+GST) per performance if less than 150 students per performance

School Term:
Term 3


States Available: VIC & NSW
Includes Teacher Pack, Digital Games, Student Activities, Parent information - and an INFO-GRAPHIC POSTER for every school

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