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“The show exceeded all expectations. The BUZZ from the students during and after the performances was truly wonderful.”
Maree Jones – St Patricks Cessnock (NSW)

“The Best Science Show our school has ever had. It was an educational but extremely entertaining performance for staff and students. The students were completely engaged and very excited during and after the performances.”
Brooke Murray – Montpellier P.S (VIC)

One of our Best Shows for Years 3-6 audiences. This show is all about presenting the best Chemistry experiments, full stop. From combustion of Gases to Sugar fireworks or Elephant’s toothpaste this show will leave us cleaning up after the show for quite some time.

It's loud, colourful, flashy, fizzy, smokey, liquid nitrogen shattering Chemistry at its best! Just what Stage 2 and Stage 3 students love.

Students will participate in all experiments as physical and chemical properties of materials are investigated. New materials will be created and existing ones changed by chemical reactions and changes of temperature in a variety of Dry Ice and Liquid Nitrogen experiments. Water to Wine and firework Flame colours are just small moments in an intriguing show of quality Chemistry as the Jolly Professor brings his 25 years of High School Chemistry experience into a Primary setting.

Concepts covered include: Chemical vs Physical Change, Properties and uses of Materials, Exothermic Reactions, Catalysts, Temperature effect on materials both Hot and Cold, Precipitation Reactions, Acid & Base indicator reactions. States of Matter & Chemical Formula.

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Chemical Vs Physical Change, Properties & Uses Of Materials, Exothermic & Endothermic Reactions, Acid & Base Indicator Reactions, Catalysts, States Of Matter, Temperature, Precipitation Reactions, Flame Colours.


Comedy, Physical Theatre


One Hour


$6 per student plus GST on total

School Term:
Term 1, Term 2, Term 3, Term 4


Available to schools in QLD, NSW, ACT, and VIC

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