MEDEA: Out of the Mouths of Babes

Theatre Works

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MEDEA: Out of the Mouths of Babes is Theatre Works’ new production based on Euripides’ Medea as recalled and reimagined from the fantastical minds of her (allegedly?) slain children. History is told by the victors, and myths preserved by those in power, but perhaps it is the youngest that grip the hardest truths.

Medea, arguably one of the darkest tales in the Western theatrical canon, is given a fresh and surprisingly playful rebirth as told from the point of view of its undoubtedly most important characters: Medea's children. The children tell their version of the mythic events, spurring one another on into flights of fancy and down rabbit holes of imagination as they wrestle with and attempt to reconcile the darkness at the dawn of their lives. In this modern archetypal tale of vengeance, grief, trauma, love, witches and heroes made specifically for teenagers and young adults, neither Medea nor Jason are demonised or deified but presented as complex and contradicting parents caught in a gruesome fairytale.

This is a daring amalgamation of contemporary theatre, Epic and Absurd techniques, magic realism and classic Greek tragedy, which plays out like a surreal music video with film projection live feed and song. Developed by the Theatre Works’ award-winning creative team and a council of children, a guided workshop process will refract Euripides and his ancient characters to form the basis of the script, the design and theatrical language of the work.

Theatre Works will provide resources for teachers to encourage discussion around performance styles, production areas and design elements used. Schools will also receive a behind-the-scenes exclusive digital resource, following the journey of creating the work. 

Post-show Q&As offered after each matinee and evening performances with groups of 20+ students.  

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This production contains some coarse language, simulated violence, and sexual references. There may be further reference to murder, suicide and sex but these references will be framed within a fairy tale like device and will not be literal.

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Year Level Suitability


Curriculum area

The Arts - Drama


Family, Betrayal, Trauma, Escapism, Pop Culture, Murder




75 MINUTES (approx)


Regional and low ICSEA school / $20 (per student) Metro schools: $30 (per student) Accompanying teachers: Free (up to 2 per group of 20) Additional teachers: $40 per ticket Carers may also receive a free ticket


Theatre Works (St Kilda, VIC)

School Term:
Term 3


2022 Performance Season:
Saturday 30 July, 7:30pm
Tuesday 2 August, 7:30pm
Wednesday 3 August, 7:30pm
Thursday 4 August, 11am & 7:30pm
Friday 5 August, 11am & 7:30pm
Saturday 6 August, 7:30pm
Tuesday 9 August, 7:30pm
Wednesday 10 August, 11am & 7:30pm
Thursday 11 August, 11am & 7:30pm
Friday 12 August, 11am & 7:30pm
Saturday 13 August, 7:30pm
Tuesday 16 August, 7:30pm
Wednesday 17 August 11am & 7:30pm
Thursday 18 August 11am & 7:30pm
Friday 19 August 11am & 7:30pm
Saturday 20 August 7:30pm

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