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Matinee Matinee Matinee
Our tailored school matinees connect students with cutting-edge contemporary dance performances.
Secondary Matinee - 7 June from 12-2pm
Primary Matinee - 9 June from 11am-12pm.

ab [intra], meaning ‘from within’ in Latin, is “an exploration of our primal instincts, our impulses and our visceral responses” (Rafael Bonachela). From tenderness to turmoil, ab [intra] is a journey through the intensity of human existence that will command your attention. The music fuses lush cello with ambient electronica and the exquisite dancers inhabit a visually arresting ethereal world.

With pre-show talks and demonstrations, students will be offered insights into our artists’ creative processes. Students will engage in a post-show panel discussion and Q&A with Company dancers, creatives and arts professionals, developing a deeper understanding of the process of bringing a performance to life and the career pathways available within the performing arts industry.

Sydney Dance Company’s national Schools Program supports Primary and Secondary Dance Teachers through curriculum-relevant programs for high school students and dance workshops for primary students.

The program connects schools, teachers and students to leading professionals in the dance industry, inspiring and exciting students, and creating connections through contemporary dance of exceptional quality.

Teachers can book Face to Face workshops, which can be delivered in school or at the Sydney Dance Company Studios. We also offer Online School Workshops which can be delivered directly to students, either in the classroom, or as they learn from home.

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Year Level Suitability

3-6 to 10-12

Curriculum area

The Arts - Dance, Health And Physical Education






Primary matinee tickets = $20 each Secondary matinee tickets = $30 each Primary workshops (grades 3-6), up to 60 mins = $275 + GST Secondary workshops (grades 7-12), up to 120 mins = $375 + GST Virtual workshops, up to 60 mins = $250 + GST


The Roslyn Packer Theatre (Sydney, NSW)

School Term:
Term 2, Term 3, Term 4


Secondary Matinee of ab [intra]: Tuesday 7 June, 12-2pm at Roslyn Packer Theatre
Primary Matinee of ab [intra]: Thursday 9 June, 11am-12pm at Roslyn Packer Theatre

Workshops can be booked throughout the year.

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