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Choose the arrangement you want with us.

Option A - Allocate seats to SFS to sell for each performance on your behalf (recommended)
Option B
 - Choose to have enquiries passed onto you.

Option A - Allocate seats to SFS to sell

Why choose to sell through the site?

This is the only national automated booking system designed for sales to schools

  1. Sales can be made instantly- anytime of day or night. Don’t lose any!
  2. You can monitor the sales - an email is automatically sent when a sale is made so your system can be updated
  3. You can also log into My Shows on the site to monitor your sales
  4. You are emailed when your allocation is selling out.
  5. Save staff time – no need to process sales or collect payment.
  6. Save marketing costs – reach all the market you need through the site and your own expanded data base.
  7. You receive the contact data for all booked schools, so expand your data base

What does it cost?
Fees are very fair and structured around paid ticket prices (we do not charge you for free teacher seats). There is a small set up fee for each production, depending on the number of performances.

Marketing (Booking) fees according to ticket prices. Free teacher seats are charged at 50 cents each.
$0 - $10.00            ( fee $1.50 per paid seat)
$10.01- $16.00      ( fee $2.50 per paid seat)
$16.01 - $20.00      (fee $3.00 per paid seat)
$20.01- $30.00      ( fee $3.50 per paid seat)

Groups of less than 30 attract an additional charge of 30 cents per paid seat.


How does it work financially?
Paid monies are held in Trust until 1 (one) day after the performance, then remitted to the venue by eft, minus the booking fee, along with a recipient created tax invoice. The payment status of all attending schools can be viewed by you through My Bookings and will be on the front of house list emailed to you in advance.

Booking process for schools

  1. The SFS website knows if the number of seats requested are available.
  2. Once the booking is received, a booking acknowledgement and proforma tax invoice are emailed, along with useful information for planning the excursion.
  3. Teachers notes, if available, can be downloaded
  4. Eight weeks out from the event, an email asks for confirmation of final numbers.
  5. Once numbers are confirmed, an invoice is sent.Payment must be made six weeks out from the performance date.
  6. Once paid they receive a Tax Receipt and Booking Confirmation.

Option B – Booking Enquiries

Choose to have booking enquiries passed onto you to process.

The site aims to answer most questions so that enquiries have a high translation to sales ratio for you.

How does it work?
The enquiry field asks teachers to fill in the information you need to continue the booking including number of seats required.The information is automatically emailed to you. It is up to you to process these enquiries.

Can you add a link to your own site?

Yes you can.

What does it cost?
This service is free of charge for venues

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