Noongar For A Day (WA - TOURING)


Year Level Suitability: Prep-2 to 10-12

Duration: All day

Students will experience Indigenous culture through activities such as didgeridoo, dance and art.
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Science with an Aboriginal Perspective


Year Level Suitability: Prep-2 to 3-6

Duration: 1 Hour

This show essentially looks at 'Flight, Fire & Sound' with an Aboriginal Perspective.Through the use of interactive and exciting demonstrations we look at the scientific principles behind the boomerang, Aboriginal fire use and the sound by the didgeridoo.

School Term: Term 1, Term 2, Term 3, Term 4

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Tanderrum - Primary and Secondary


Year Level Suitability: 3-6 to 7-9

Duration: 1 hour, no interval

Each year the first words of Melbourne International Arts Festival come from those who have carried this land’s stories the longest—the First Peoples of Melbourne.

Tanderrum is a a ceremony of celebration that reaches across Aboriginal time.

School Term: Term 4

Venue: Federation Square (Melbourne, VIC)
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Term 3: SKYLAB


Year Level Suitability: 7-9 to 10-12

Duration: TBC

By Melodie Reynolds-Diarra

The launch of a science laboratory into Earth’s outer orbit was hailed as a miracle of the modern age. But what was really going on up there? The nature of the experiments conducted was kept top secret...

School Term: Term 3

Venue: State Theatre Centre of Western Australia (Perth, WA)
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Wominjeka: The Thank You Workshop


Year Level Suitability: 3-6 to 10-12

Duration: 90 minutes

Wominjeka means 'welcome' in the Aboriginal languages around Melbourne, and in this Australian history workshop students learn to sing a song of respect for Indigenous people, and learn a black-white history of conflict and reconciliation.

School Term: Term 1, Term 2, Term 3, Term 4

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